Are skateboards safe for 6 year olds

Are skateboards safe for 6 year olds?

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Penny Nickel 27″ Complete Skateboard
Penny Nickel 27″ Complete Skateboard

From my experiences, if you want your kids to grow up to be energetic, active, and confident, then teaching them how to skate at a very young age can be a good education.

It’s what has helped me turn my timid 5-year-old son into a lovely active boy. At first, he is still scared of standing on my board and won’t even try to move. Now, he’s dying to have my permission to go out and play with his fellow skateboarders at the park every afternoon.

Now I understand why parents usually don’t support their kids joining these kinds of activities. They would just prefer to have their children sitting at home and playing Lego or video game.

And in most cases, the reason is probably that they think that skateboarding is an unsafe sport and doesn’t bring any practical benefits.

However, only those that have taught their children to skateboard know how beneficial it is. Not only it promotes your children’s health, but also equipping them with a growth mindset.

In additions, your kids can quickly make friends through these types of activities.

That being said, let’s have a further discussion regarding this matter.

Should You Introduce Skateboarding To A 6 Year Olds?

the country is filled with awesome skate parks
the country is filled with awesome skate parks

The short answer is, yes, definitely. In facts, any kind of outdoor physical activities is recommended for kids at this age. By teaching your kids to skate or simply introducing them to the sport, your kid will have the reasons to go outside playing instead of wasting time watching TV. That being said, here are the incredible benefits that he/she can get from practicing the sport:

First of all, the most notable benefits of skateboarding are that it promotes children’s health. By having your kids exercised every day, they can develop better physics and well-being.

In additions, through the process of learning skateboarding, your kids will develop a good mindset that allows them to be more successful in life.

Skateboarding is also a great way to introduce your kids to the exciting outdoor lifestyle instead of having them spending the whole day playing video games.

If the child is somewhat timid and unconfident, then allowing them to practice skateboarding with others at the skate park will be a great idea. You kid can easily be friends with children at his age or even the older ones if they share the same interest.

Choosing Skateboards For A 6 Year Olds

How do I get the cheapest skateboard for 6 year old
How do I get the cheapest skateboard for 6 year old

And now you’ve decided to introduce skateboarding to your children, it’s time to get them good skateboards.


For children at this age, you’ll need to make some changes with the deck selection. Due to their undeveloped physics, a 6 year olds will need to practice a smaller deck compared to those for adults. This would give them better control over the board.

That being said, for children at this age, having a small deck that measures 6.5 to 6.75 inches would be a reasonable choice.


As for the trucks, you would want to have relatively wide trucks installed on their boards, especially with the beginners. This would allow for better stability when they first learning how to skate. Usually, trucks that are slightly wider than the deck is recommended.

Once your kids start to become more confident and are ready for doing some tricks, you might want to switch to smaller trucks that fit your deck perfectly. Having trucks that fit would allow for better control and make it easier to do tricks, especially those that are flying-related.


For children skateboards, it’s recommended that you choose small wheels that are 50mm or bellow. The reasons being that their physics aren’t capable of handling larger wheels. In additions, small wheels make it easier for your kids to stand on as they provide a more secured sensation.

Another thing with children skateboards is that they must feature soft wheels. As most of them are not capable of doing difficult tricks that involve kicking and flipping, having a set of soft wheels would make it easier for cruising and basic skating.

Once they’ve gotten better at skating, you might want to consider switching to harder wheels.

Grip tape

For most cases, it’s suggested that you equip their boards with the stickiest tape that you can get. It’s always better to have grippy surfaces since they help to keep them positioned on the board. On top of that, good gripe tape would make difficult tricks a lot easier.

How To Avoid Injuries In Skateboarding For A 6 Year Olds?

a penny boards good for 6 year old
a penny boards good for 6 year old

Moving on to the most important part, how can you prevent injuries for your 6-year-old kids when doing skateboarding?

When in doubt, step it out

To avoid injuries in skateboarding, it’s necessary to know when you need to stop. And teaching your kids to quickly stop their board or step out of it when things get dangerous is required. Start practicing this by having your kid moving slowly on their board and attempt to stop or step out of the board.

Fall correctly

An important thing that your kids must learn in order to save them from nasty injuries in skateboarding is having proper falling techniques. The key to falling without causing serious injuries is to follow the motions, don’t resist it.

If he/she is about to fall forward, it’s best to tighten their core muscle by crouching forward and protect the head and chest.

Use the arms to protect their body and keep rolling until the motions are eliminated.

Wear protective gears

And to protect the vital areas as well as body parts that usually get injured, you should always make your kids to wear protective gears. You’ll need the helmet to keep your child from sustaining any head would. In additions, armbands and knee bands are also must-have equipment.

And that’s our opinions on skateboards for kids that are 6 year olds. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.