Are RIMABLE longboards good for beginners

Are RIMABLE Longboards Good For Beginners?

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For longboard beginners, having a good longboard that you could trust is really helpful when you first practice on it. However, with the currently saturated longboard market, it can be difficult finding a good brand.

And even if you’ve managed to find the right brand to trust, it’s also not easy picking the right board for your preferences.

Which is why, in this post, we’ll be discussing whether RIMABLE longboards are good for beginners. In additions, we would also pick a good board from this brand which we think is the best longboard for beginners.

About RIMABLE Longboards

The RIMABLE Longboards
The RIMABLE Longboards

Regardless of your experiences with longboarding, you’ve probably heard of RIMABLE. That being said, the company is a well-known brand that is based in China. They made various products including skate shoes, skateboards, scooters, and of course longboards.

Although the company doesn’t have a large collection of different products, each one that they sold has all it takes for a quality purchase. Hence, if you’re looking for your first longboard for beginners, RIMABLE longboards should be one of your first priorities.

Still, in our opinions, no board is perfect, and it mostly comes down to personal preferences when choosing a longboard. In the following articles, we’ll be talking about the advantages and disadvantages of RIMABLE longboards so that you can make your own decisions.

The Advantages

Pre-assembled products

Since you’re a longboard beginner, chances are that you still don’t know much about longboards and their components. This makes assembling your first longboard a real challenge. Unless you have someone to help you, building your first longboard might not be a good idea despite the advantages.

Unfortunately, with RIMABLE longboards, you’ll have access to a wide collection of different longboards that are pre-assembled. Hence, you’ll just need to step on the board to start enjoying the liberating sensation.

And once you’ve gotten a little bit experienced, you can start learning about building your longboards by purchasing separate components from RIMABLE.

Varied products for different skating levels

For the beginners, it’s best to look for a stable longboard that they could stand on with good confidence. That being said, since RIMABLE is known as one of a few good brands for beginners, you’ll have access to lots of newbie-friendly longboards. Enjoy safe and relaxing longboarding experiences with RIMABLE longboards even when you’re still a beginner.

And if you think that it’s time to move on to the next level, you can look up to the higher catalogs of RIMABLE longboards to find a suitable board.

Simple maintenances with good water resistance

Are Quest Longboards A Good Brand For Beginner
Are Quest Longboards A Good Brand For Beginner

For skateboard beginners, the maintenances of their boards are probably something that they aren’t familiar with. That being said, most of the time, the boards are neglected and would turn old relatively quick.

Still, you can prevent this by having good products that are well-protected. And RIMABLE longboards offer just the thing with their low-maintenance product line up. Featuring a thin coating on the decks, these boards are extremely durable and have good water resistance.

Plus, this also allows for quick cleanings as you can wipe away the dirt on your decks in seconds.

Quality components on most of the products

The company uses high-quality maple plywood to their longboard lineup to make them durable and stable for longboarders. In additions, as mentioned, the decks are covered with a thin coating, allowing them to withstand scratches and water.

When it comes longboarding, having the right set of wheels is extremely important. Depending on your skating styles, having suitable wheels would ensure a safe and comfortable ride. As a result, RIMABLE longboards feature a wide selection of different wheels with varied sizes and hardness for you to choose.

On top of that, since we often ride at high speed on our longboard, having bearings with precisions is a must. Fortunately, with RIMABLE longboards, you’ll often be equipped with high-precision bearings ranging from ABEC 7 to ABEC 11.

The Disadvantages

Are Rimable skateboards good for beginners
Are Rimable skateboards good for beginners

Limited choices

Although the brand features many good boards, the selections are usually limited since they’re not specialized in making longboards. With many other skating-related products, there aren’t enough resources to produce suitable longboards for everyone.

Hence, if you’re looking for a RIMABLE longboard, you might not able to find the right board for you. And sometimes, you’ll have to make certain compensations, especially with the graphics.

A Good RIMABLE Longboard For Beginner

Here is the best RIMABLE longboard for beginner according to our opinions.

RIMABLE Drop-Through Longboard

How to Slide on a Longboard
How to Slide on a Longboard

For beginners who’re looking for a comfortable and stable longboard that they can stand on with confidence, the RIMABLE Drop-Through Longboard is undoubtedly a good choice. Featuring a relatively large deck, the board ensures a safe and relaxing ride for longboard beginners. In additions, the rigid 9-ply maple deck delivers great stability even when riding at extreme speeds.

With a mid-size set of wheels, you can enjoy different longboarding activities on the RIMABLE longboard with ease. The drop-through Aluminum trucks also make the board relatively low on the ground, allowing for safe and more comfortable rides. If you want to go fast, the stable and reliable trucks would keep your board well-positioned on the ground as well as reducing the wobbles.

The board comes with 85A wheels which are perfect for doing freestyle skating. The hardness is enough to deal with small rocks and pebbles, while the wheels are still relatively soft to keep the board comfortable with bumps and cracks.

For the ones who love skating at the extreme speeds, the high-speed bearings will deliver a smooth and comfortable experience throughout your ride. In additions, the high-precision bearings with ABEC 11 rating also ensure a safer ride.


  • Great speed
  • Good stablity
  • Safe and relaxing rides
  • Good price


  • None

Final thoughts

For the beginners who’re looking for a good longboard to start skating, RIMABLE longboards are definitely a good choice. Despite their limited choices, every longboard from RIMABLE comes with great quality and is suitable for various skating styles.

Plus, most of their products come with quality components, which ensure their performance and reliability. Hence, you won’t likely to make the wrong decisions with their board.

The RIMABLE Drop-Through Longboard is one of the best longboards for beginners in the market. You can choose it to be your first longboard or based on its traits to select a more suitable one.

And that’s our opinions on whether RIMABLE longboards are good for beginners. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.