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I was never a Barbie-doll girl growing up. Yet, my mom kept buying me Disney princesses and flowers. I said, “Mom, stop buying me these toys. I ain’t no Barbie doll Ken lover.” She asked, “What do you want then, Jessie?”.

I didn’t know. For a long time, I didn’t quite figure it out. Dad was busy that day, so my aunt picked me up from school. She took a different road than dad normally took. We went past a kind of park. I saw people gliding, jumping, and flying. There were a lot of girls there, too!

Obviously, they were skateboarding. I didn’t knew there was a skatepark around here. Turned out, my aunt was a member of one of the crews there. “You never did tell me, aunt!”, I told her in surprise. Well, actually she just joined the club. I knew from that moment on, this was my thing. I set my mind to the FKD Park Project. Please don’t ask what FKD means. It can be whatever you want it to be. The thing is, skateboarding is my passion.

Our Crew


Let me introduce you to my auntie. She’s a lovely lady. Although she’s old (don’t tell her I said that), she’s definitely not boring. Technically, she’s not that old. She loves outdoor sports. Besides skateboarding, you’ll find her doing kayaking, surfing, and outdoor photography. She’s very fun to be around.


My name is Jessica. I’m not your typical roses-and-chocolate kind of girl. I love skateboarding. I enjoy doing the sport every day. I get better and better every day as a matter of fact. In this blog, I will share everything I know with you. You’ll find great product reviews, cool practical tips, and clear tutorials that will all help you become a better player. I’m so glad you’re here and hope you’ll have a good time!

My brothers, friends also help me out with this blog. So, a big shout out to everyone out there. Truly appreciate your effort! With that said, let’s get FKD up and roll!