Are skateboards safe for 6 year olds
Are skateboards safe for 6 year olds?
Penny Nickel 27″ Complete Skateboard
Penny Nickel 27″ Complete Skateboard

From my experiences, if you want your kids to grow up to be energetic, active, and confident, then teaching them how to skate at a very young age can be a good education.

It’s what has helped me turn my timid 5-year-old son into a lovely active boy. At first, he is still scared of standing on my board and won’t even try to move. Now, he’s dying to have my permission to go out and play with his fellow skateboarders at the park every afternoon.

Now I understand why parents usually don’t support their kids joining these kinds of activities. They would just prefer to have their children sitting at home and playing Lego or video game.

And in most cases, the reason is probably that they think that skateboarding is an unsafe sport and doesn’t bring any practical benefits.

However, only those that have taught their children to skateboard know how beneficial it is. Not only it promotes your children’s health, but also equipping them with a growth mindset.

In additions, your kids can quickly make friends through these types of activities.

That being said, let’s have a further discussion regarding this matter.

Should You Introduce Skateboarding To A 6 Year Olds?

the country is filled with awesome skate parks
the country is filled with awesome skate parks

The short answer is, yes, definitely. In facts, any kind of outdoor physical activities is recommended for kids at this age. By teaching your kids to skate or simply introducing them to the sport, your kid will have the reasons to go outside playing instead of wasting time watching TV. That being said, here are the incredible benefits that he/she can get from practicing the sport: